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Fish Health Inspectorate Service Charter

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Details of the fish health inspectorate service charter.

Fish Health Inspectorate Service Charter
What we ask of you

6. What We Ask of You

You are legally obliged to:

  • apply in writing for the authorisation of an aquaculture production business (APB) prior to the commencement of farming operations
  • apply in writing to amend the list of farm sites where an APB is authorised to farm fish or shellfish
  • apply in writing prior to changes to the particulars of the business, and notify us within one month if you cease trading
  • maintain accurate, up-to-date records of mortalities, biosecurity measures plan, medicines records and stock movements of live and dead animals to or from your farm and make such records available for inspection on the date of the FHI’s visit, or as requested
  • maintain and review Farm Management Statements or Farm Management Agreements at least every two years
  • advise us immediately if you suspect the presence of a listed disease. A summary of listed diseases can be found in Section 4.7
  • make sure that any live fish or shellfish you introduce from elsewhere in the EU come from an approved, disease-free Member state, zone or compartment. Ensure that the site of origin for imports from Third Countries can meet the health requirements for entry into Great Britain

In addition to the above statutory requirements, you can help us complete our work quickly and efficiently by:

  • notifying us when your farm has been fallowed, cleaned and disinfected, if your farm is covered by movement restrictions. This will enable us to inspect the farm with a view to revoking the restrictions.
  • giving us at least five working days' advance notification of your intention to introduce or import live aquaculture products so that we can arrange an inspection, if necessary
  • giving us at least five working days' advance notification of your intention to place on the market or export live aquaculture animals so we can prepare the necessary documents and arrange to inspect the consignment within 72 hours of loading
  • submitting applications for permission to move fish or shellfish, equipment and staff subject to movement restrictions at least 14 days in advance and providing all the necessary information
  • notifying the Fish Health Inspectorate duty inspector of failed sea lice treatments. This is defined as ‘two successive treatments with an efficacy of less than 50% Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Leps, all stages) removal'.
  • mortality events should be reported which fall outside normally expected parameters for farmed fish production in seawater, and would take three forms, namely:
    • the initial reporting of an event, such that a decision can be made for investigation by the Fish Health Inspectorate. (The form of this investigation is not specified, but will not necessarily result in an on-site investigation in all cases.)
    • a subsequent weekly site mortality outside specified maximum detailed below
    • a rolling five week site mortality outside a specified maximum detailed below


Average Weight of Fish on Site

Weekly Mortality Maxima

Five Weekly Rolling Mortality Maxima

Under 750g



750g +




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