Fair Work First: guidance

Outlines our Fair Work First approach and exemplifies the Fair Work First criteria in practice. It should be used by those involved in awarding public sector grants, sponsorship and other funding, and contracts, and those seeking to access/accessing such funding and/or contracts.

Fair Work as part of Scotland's economic recovery and renewal

The Scottish Government has maintained a strong focus on the vision for Scotland to be a Fair Work Nation throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Fair Work has been at the heart of the national response for protecting workers' health and livelihoods and the economy throughout the pandemic. Along with our strategic partners, the Scottish Government believes that Fair Work will play an important part in supporting a stimulus-led recovery and must remain at the heart of economic recovery and renewal.

Maintaining a focus on Fair Work is, therefore, more important than ever and can support continuing partnerships between workers and employers for addressing workplace issues and ensuring workers are treated fairly as the economy re-opens.



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