Fair Work First: guidance

Outlines our Fair Work First approach and exemplifies the Fair Work First criteria in practice. It should be used by those involved in awarding public sector grants, sponsorship and other funding, and contracts, and those seeking to access/accessing such funding and/or contracts.

Fair Work First relationship with the Scottish Business Pledge

The Scottish Business Pledge, like Fair Work First, aims to promote fairness, equality and opportunity in Scotland, helping to create greater economic success and sustainable, inclusive growth.

Accordingly, the Fair Work First criteria is included in the Business Pledge: three of the criteria are core elements of the Pledge and two other criteria are reflected in the optional elements of the Pledge. Some elements of the Pledge cover issues that are wider than Fair Work, including addressing issues such as environmental impact, innovation and internationalisation; while the adoption of fair work will have a positive impact on these elements they are not included in Fair Work First criteria.



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