Exotic diseases of animals: contingency framework plan (2018)

Version six of our contingency framework plan covering exotic notifiable diseases of livestock.


1. Animal diseases that are infectious to people are known as zoonoses

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3. Vector borne diseases are diseases transmitted though the bite of another organism

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6. Cairngorms National Park Authority, Crofters Commission, Deer Commission for Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate, Scottish Natural Heritage.

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14. Approved under The Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectants) (Scotland) Order 2008 (


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26. The Scottish Government's Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks

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39. Except Porcine Epidemic Diarhoea (PED) which must be reported to the Scottish Pig Disease Control Centre (SPDCC). Telephone: 01466 705 247



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