European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: agreed records 2022

Agreed records of consultations from meetings of delegations from the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union, held between October and December 2021 on the joint management of shared North Sea stocks.


Agreed record of fisheries consultations between the European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom for 2022

10 December 2021

1. A United Kingdom Delegation headed by Mr Colin FAULKNER, a Norwegian Delegation headed by Ms Ann Kristin Westberg, and a European Union Delegation headed by Mr Janusz Zielinski met in the period from 28 to 29 October in London, 16 to 19 November in Edinburgh, and between 30 November and 10 December via videoconference to consult on mutual fisheries relations including the management of joint fish stocks in the North Sea for 2022. These consultations were the second annual negotiations within the new trilateral management regime for North Sea stocks between the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union, following virtual negotiations for 2021 completed in March 2021.

2. The Heads of Delegations agreed to recommend to their respective authorities the fishery arrangements for 2022 as outlined in this Agreed Record, including Annexes I to IX and Tables 1 and 2.

3. The Delegations agreed that management measures and sharing of stocks as per Table 1 are without prejudice to possible future arrangements between the Parties.

4. The Delegations underlined their determination to cooperate, in their mutual interest, in securing continued responsible fisheries and ensuring the long-term conservation and sustainable use of the marine living resources for which they are responsible.

5. The Parties agreed that they will intensify consultations on a trilateral framework agreement, which will be the basis for their future cooperation to ensure the long-term conservation and sustainable use of the fishery resources in the North Sea. Such a framework agreement should lay out the objectives and scope of the cooperation and contain the general principles for management, in addition to procedural rules for the cooperation and regulations on the exchange of information between the Parties. It is a shared ambition between the Parties that consultations on this agreement should be finalised during 2022.

6. The Delegations agreed that the scope of this Agreed Record should be the management of fish stocks in the North Sea (ICES Area 4) and associated areas where relevant.

7. The Delegations noted that further arrangements by the Parties, including arrangements for access, quota transfers and other conditions for fishing in the respective zones of fisheries jurisdiction, may be regulated by bilateral arrangements.

8. The Delegations agreed to share information relevant to stocks of joint interest on a timely and transparent basis, for example relating to quota transfers and zonal access. The Delegations further noted the benefits of continued close collaboration and information exchange.

9. The Delegations acknowledged that the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the Parties’ ability to further some aspects of their cooperation on fisheries management. The Parties undertook to renew their efforts in 2022.

10. The Delegations agreed to meet in late May-early June in 2022 to review progress on the actions set out in this Agreed Record. They agreed that they would use that opportunity to establish a TAC for sprat in ICES Division 3.a and Subarea 4.

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