European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: agreed records 2022

Agreed records of consultations from meetings of delegations from the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union, held between October and December 2021 on the joint management of shared North Sea stocks.

Monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) measures for joint stocks

21.1. The Delegations noted that for a comprehensive management regime, efficient and trustworthy MCS measures are crucial, and that strategic and operative MCS cooperation between the inspections services of the Parties is a prerequisite to improve compliance and to achieve a level playing field. Hence, the Delegations welcomed initiatives to improve dialogue and exchange experience between the inspection services to increase the general understanding of the PartiesĀ“ MCS regimes.

21.2. The Delegations referred to the decision in 2018 by the EU and Norway to establish a Working Group on MCS of Fisheries on Joint Stocks in the North Sea (NS MCS WG) under the terms of reference outlined in Annex V. They also agreed that the revised work plan for 2019-2024 outlined in Annex VI would constitute the basis for working on MCS in fisheries on joint stocks in the North Sea and agreed to build on the work carried out in previous years by the NS MCS WG. Furthermore, the Delegations agreed to review the terms of reference and procedures of the NS MCS WG in 2022.

21.3. The Delegations agreed that monitoring, control and surveillance of the joint stock North Sea herring is covered by any relevant measures concluded for the four species covered by the coastal State agreements, without prejudice to the consideration of additional or specific measures recommended by the NS MCS WG.

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