European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: agreed records 2022

Agreed records of consultations from meetings of delegations from the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union, held between October and December 2021 on the joint management of shared North Sea stocks.


14.1. The Delegations noted that according to the ICES MSY approach catches in 2022 should be no more than 128,708 tonnes. This represents an increase of 86% in the advice compared to 2021. ICES estimates that discards and BMS landings are at 23% of total catch (in weight) in 2020. ICES projects discard rates of 31% of total catch (by weight) in 2021.

14.2. The Delegations agreed that they would not pursue the full TAC increase implied by the ICES headline advice given that such a large increase could have a detrimental impact on the status of the North Sea cod stock. They therefore agreed this year that it would not be appropriate to follow the MSY approach.

14.3. The Delegations agreed to establish a TAC for 2022 in ICES. Subarea 4 (North Sea), Subdivision 20 (Skagerrak) and Division 6.a. (West of Scotland) of 52,691 tonnes. This represents an increase of 5% compared to the TAC in 2021.

14.4. The Delegations agreed that the resulting TAC for Subarea 4 is 44,924 tonnes (85.26%), the TAC for Subdivision 20 is 2,761 tonnes (5.24%), and the TAC for Division 6.a is 5,006 tonnes (9.50%).

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