European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: agreed records 2022

Agreed records of consultations from meetings of delegations from the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union, held between October and December 2021 on the joint management of shared North Sea stocks.

Electronic exchange of vessel data

21.1. The Delegations noted the ongoing implementation in the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) of electronic exchange of vessel position data and fishing activity based on the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and electronic business (UN/CEFACT) Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange (FLUX) International Standard.

22.2. The Delegations agreed to seek harmonised arrangements on an electronic notification and authorisation scheme and agreed to establish the Working Group of experts on Notification and Authorisation of Fishing Vessels outlined in Annex IX.

10 December 2021

For the United Kingdom Delegation: Colin Faulkner

For the European Union Delegation: Janusz Zielinski

For the Norwegian Delegation: Ann Kristin Westberg

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