Environment, agriculture and food - strategic research 2022-2027: overview

We are investing around £50 million a year over 2022 to 2027 into a portfolio of strategic research to ensure that Scotland maintains its position at the very cutting edge of advances in agriculture, food and the environment.

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Contribution to Scotland's economic strategy

Scotland's economic strategy

Purpose: competitiveness


  • invest in, and support the development of, high performing research institutes, with modern transparent and accountable governance arrangements
  • invest in research that provides Scotland with the skills and knowledge that it needs to grow in a global economy
  • invest in and support the development of a Scottish science base that is internationally competitive and improving its reputation and standing in the world
  • helping to target SG’s investments to enhance our natural resources and maximise the growth of the food and drink sector
  • developing tools and approaches which can assist community empowerment


  • take a leading role in developing a national strategy for rural and environmental research
  • work to create a culture of enterprise and creativity in Scotland
  • supporting cutting-edge research which supports one of our most important sectors, food and drink
  • research supports the development of new products and processes which can not only strengthen the performance of the agri-food chain but have broader environmental and health benefits

Purpose: tackling inequality

Inclusive growth

  • help create a more equal society by widening access to the knowledge and information created by our investment in research across Scotland
  • promote collaboration between research organisations to raise attainment and skills within our economy
  • evidence on equalities in rural Scotland has enabled clearer assessment of SG policies
  • detailed socio-economic performance information has helped local decision-making on identifying and tackling key issues in rural Scotland
  • research helps raise the performance of the agriculture sector, benefiting many rural communities.
  • exploring the evidence on women in farming in order to promote greater participation in the sector
  • supporting the redesign of the Common Agricultural Policy in Scotland, with around £500m p.a. going in to the rural economy, vital to sustaining fragile remote rural communities
  • evidence to support the Land Reform Bill, including research on whether ownership leads to different social and economic outcomes for certain communities


  • we will promote Scotland to the rest of the world through supporting research organisations to export and collaborate overseas
  • help to further develop a research base that promotes Scotland’s international reputation, attracts talent from across the world and is well connected internationally
  • support the development of international connections that promote Scotland as a source of innovation and creativity
  • we have successfully leveraged additional research funding to Scotland
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