Emerging Energy Technologies Fund - Hydrogen Innovation Scheme: form and guidance

Guidance for the Hydrogen Innovation Scheme (HIS) to support innovative renewable hydrogen production, storage and distribution solutions as well as the development of test and demonstration facilities in Scotland.

Technology readiness levels (TRLs)

TRL 1 - basic research

Scientific research begins to be translated into applied research and development.

TRL 2 – applied research

Basic physical principles are observed, practical applications of those characteristics can be 'invented' or identified. At this level, the application is still speculative: there is not experimental proof or detailed analysis to support the conjecture.

TRL 3 – critical function of proof of concept established*

Active research and development is initiated. This includes analytical and laboratory studies to physically validate analytical predictions of separate elements of the technology. Examples include components that are not yet integrated or representative.

TRL 4 – laboratory testing/validation of component(s)/process(es)*      

Basic technological components are integrated to establish that the pieces will work together.

TRL 5 – laboratory testing of integrated/semi-integrated system*       

The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so it can be tested in a simulated environment.

TRL 6 – prototype system verified*    

Representative model or prototype system is tested in a relevant environment

TRL 7 – integrated pilot system demonstration*    

Prototype near or at planned operational system, requiring demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment.

TRL 8 – system incorporated in commercial designs      

Technology is proven to work - actual technology completed and qualified through test and demonstration.

TRL 9 – system proven and ready for full commercial deployment

Actual application of technology is in its final form - technology proven through successful operations. [n1] [FJ(2] 

*Supported by Hydrogen Innovation Scheme Stream 1


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