Emergency Department Capacity Management Guidance

The Unscheduled Care Steering Group convened the Emergency Department Capacity Management Expert Group, which includes clinicians and managers, to review evidence and contribute their experience and expertise to the development of guidance to eliminate crowding in emergency departments (EDs) in Scotland. The aim was to develop an escalation framework for implementation across NHS Scotland.

Appendix. Membership of ED Capacity Management Expert Group

Dr Jennifer Armstrong

Chair, ED Capacity Management Expert Group;
Medical Director, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Dr Dan Beckett

Consultant Acute Physician, NHS Forth Valley; Chief Medical Officer Advisor for Acute and General Medicine

Dr Tim Parke

ED Consultant, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde; representing College of Emergency Medicine

Dr Dave Caesar

ED Clinical Director, NHS Lothian

Dr Shobhan Thakore

Clinical Lead, Emergency Medicine, NHS Tayside

Dr Nicola Irvine

Clinical Lead, Acute Medicine, NHS Tayside

Dr David Raeside

Consultant Physician in Respiratory and General Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Professor Jim Ferguson

NHS Grampian/Clinical Lead at Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare

Dr Kerry Mathieson

GP, NHS Forth Valley; Clinical Advisor to Unscheduled Care National Programme

Dr Simon MacKenzie

Medical Director, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Anne Harkness

Director of Emergency Care and Medical Services/Unscheduled Care Executive Lead, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Alan Hunter

Director Unscheduled Care/Deputy Director Performance, Scottish Government

Martin Hopkins

Programme Director, Whole System Flow Programme/Head of Performance Support, Scottish Government

Helen Maitland

Unscheduled Care Director, Scottish Government

The Expert Group consulted with:

  • the Unscheduled Care Programme Board
  • the National Unscheduled Care Learning Workshop
  • national unscheduled care executive leads
  • the Unscheduled Care Steering Group
  • a national learning workshop on the 6 Essential Actions to Improving Unscheduled Care.


Email: Helen Maitland

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