Eating disorder lived experience panel - grant award: form and guidance

Applications are invited from organisations to establish and manage a lived experience panel.


We are seeking applications to establish and facilitate a Lived Experience Panel (‘The Panel’) for those who have been impacted by an eating disorder in Scotland. The Panel will support the delivery of the National Review of Eating Disorder Services’ recommendations which were published in 2021.

Context and background

In 2020, the then Minister for Mental Health announced that we would take forward a National Review of Eating Disorder Services, which would build on the work of the Mental Welfare Commission’s report ‘Hope for the future - A report on a series of visits by the Mental Welfare Commission looking at care, treatment and support for people with eating disorders in Scotland’. The purpose for the Review was to provide a full picture of the current system of support that is available for those with an eating disorder, and their families and carers, in Scotland, and provide recommendations for improvements. The National Review published its recommendations in March 2021, with their full report in June 2021.

One of the key recommendations from the National Review was to establish a Lived Experience Panel to support the delivery of the National Review’s recommendations:

Recommendation 4 – lived experience panel 

There should be a lived experience panel set up who will advise the Implementation Group and work alongside the National Eating Disorders Network. The lived experience panel should include patients, families and loved ones, and third sector representatives and there should be diversity in the panel, for example, including all eating disorder diagnoses, men with eating disorders, LGBT representatives and people from ethnic minorities. The panel will advise on all eating disorder national changes.

  • lived experience panel will help ensure equality and diversity and parity of esteem is central to the implementation
  • panel members should be reimbursed for their time and travel
  • panel membership should be on a fixed term basis to ensure diversity

Requirements for interested organisations

We are seeking applications for a competitive grant award from an organisation, or a collaboration between organisations, who are interested in leading this work. Any bids from a collaborative of organisations should identify a lead organisation who would co-ordinate the work, and be ultimately responsible for The Panel.

We are looking for applications from organisations, or a collaborative of organisations, who:

  • have a national reach, and have the capacity to connect into smaller relevant organisations across Scotland to ensure that people from across the country can engage
  • have a core interest in eating disorders, and cover a wide range of eating disorders and diagnoses, not just anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
  • are able to provide support to those taking part to ensure that they are not negatively impacted by being a member of The Panel
  • has the capacity to engage with those under the age of 18 to ensure that their views are included and they are able to contribute in a safe way
  • have the networks, expertise and ability, to involve a representative range of people in The Panel, for example, including a range of eating disorder diagnoses, men with eating disorders, LGBT representatives, people from ethnic minorities, a range of socio-economic backgrounds, and geographical locations (rural/urban)

It is also important that The Panel connects and engages with the wider Mental Health Lived Experience Panel that is co-ordinated by the Mental Health Foundation and the ALLIANCE. This could include engaging regularly to share best practice and learning.


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