Health and social care - data strategy: consultation - easy read

We are gathering views on how data should be used and managed, across health and social care. These views will help shape the development of Scotland’s first data strategy for health and social care.

Part 2 – Staff delivering Health and Social Care services

We need to give staff who deliver health and social care services:

  • skills and training
  • guidance to understand data language
  • guidance to understand the rules about recording and sharing data
  • machines and equipment
  • ways to easily gather, record and share data
  • one system so all staff can share information quickly and easily
  • templates – ways to make sure all staff are recording information in the same way

Sharing data between different services would make sure staff have all the information in a person's health and social care record.

6a. What are the top skills and training gaps in data in Scotland's health and social care services?

  • Data visualisation
  • Understanding and use of management information by managers
  • Understanding of what data there is and where to find it
  • Knowing how to access data
  • Confidence in using data
  • Understanding of governance – who is in charge and what they are responsible for
  • Other. Tell us what:

6b. How can these gaps in skills and training be addressed?

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6c. What is the most important work to be done to make sure people have access to health and social care data they can understand and use?

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7a. What 3 things are needed to make the data used by health and social care services better and more accessible?

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7b. If you are answering on behalf of an organisation - what can your organisation do to make the data used by health and social care services better and more accessible?

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7c. What other data could be made available to health and social care staff to make health and social care services better?

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8a. Do you agree that the Scottish Government should decide the rules and standards for gathering, storing, and accessing data at a national level?

  • I agree
  • ? I am not sure
  • I do not agree

8b. What data standards should we have?

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9a. Will more sharing of a person's data between health and social care organisations mean there are better services?

  • Yes
  • I am not sure
  • No

9b. If you are a clinician – how could we make patient safety better through better sharing of data and information?

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10a. What are the most important pieces of management information needed, that are not available now to provide better health and social care services?

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10b. What is needed to develop an end-to-end system for business intelligence for health and social care organisations in Scotland?

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11. What data sets and data points should be used across health and social care to stop information being added more than once and stop people having to tell their story many times?

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