East Lothian Council planning authority: core documents

Collection of documents from East Lothian Council planning authority that are submitted frequently as part of the planning process.

To submit materials to be considered as part of this collection, email them to DPEA@gov.scot.

Planning authorities can make submissions using the eplanning document exchange system.

To submit a document on this list as part of your document list, you must hyperlink the document name with the URL for the document. Please note it is not sufficient to provide a link to the front page of the core documents library, accompanied by a list of relevant documents. The links must to be to each specific document referred to. Any document lists submitted without complete links for each document will be returned to you. If you are referring to an extract of a larger document, you should specify the relevant section in your document list e.g. Local development plan - Chapter 3 - Section 7.2.

The following are materials that have been accepted as core documents for the East Lothian Council planning authority.

Local development plan

Supplementary planning guidance


Local Development Plan East Lothian


Inset Map 1 Clarification of Background Mapping

Inset Map 1 International and National Natural Heritage Designations

Inset Map 2 Local Nature Cons Sites Nature Reserves Country Parks

Inset Map 3 Landscape Designations and Infrastructure 110918

Inset Map 4 Further Landscape Designations

Inset Map 5 Musselburgh

Inset Map 6 Prestonpans Port Seton

Inset Map 7 Tranent

Inset Map 8 Haddington

Inset Map 9 Dunbar

Inset Map 10 North Berwick

Inset Map 11 Blindwells

Inset Map 12 East Linton

Inset Map 13 Gifford

Inset Map 14 Gullane

Inset Map 15 Longniddry

Inset Map 16 Ormiston

Inset Map 17 Pencaitland

Inset Map 18 Stenton

Inset Map 19 Aberlady

Inset Map 20 Athelstaneford

Inset Map 21 Bolton

Inset Map 22 Dirleton

Inset Map 23 Drem

Inset Map 24 East Saltoun

Inset Map 25 Elphinstone

Inset Map 26 Garvald

Inset Map 27 Gladsmuir

Inset Map 28 Glenkinchie

Inset Map 29 Humbie

Inset Map 30 Innerwick

Inset Map 31 Kingston

Inset Map 32 Macmerry

Inset Map 33 New Winton

Inset Map 34 Oldhamstocks

Inset Map 35 Spott

Inset Map 36 Tyninghame

Inset Map 37 Whitecraig

Inset Map 38 Whitekirk

Inset Map 39 Policy Tour 1 Archerfield

Inset Map 40 Longyester Quarry

Inset Map 41 Oxwellmains Quarry and Skateraw Quarry

Inset Map 42 Bangley Quarry

Inset Map 43 Markle Mains Quarry

Inset Map 44 Spat Framework Wind Farms incl Areas of Strategic Capac

Inset Map 45 Locational Guide for Smaller Scale Wind Energy Proposals

Key to Using Proposals Map LDP 2018

Proposals Map Legend LDP_2018

LDP Technical Reports

Action Programme 2020

DPS 11 2019


HRA LDP 2018

Monitoring Statement

SEA ER Dunbar LDP 2018

SEA ER Haddington LDP 2018


SEA ER Musselburgh LDP 2018

SEA ER North Berwick LDP 2018

SEA ER Prestonpans LDP 2018

SEA ER Tranent Part 1 LDP 2018

SEA ER Tranent Part 2 LDP 2018

SEA Post adoption Statement LDP 2018


SG Technical Note 14

TA LDP 2018

Technical Note 1

Technical Note 2

Technical Note 3

Technical Note 4

Technical Note 5

Technical Note 6

Technical Note 7

Technical Note 8

Technical Note 9 Appendix I

Technical Note 9 Appendix II

Technical Note 9 Appendix III

Technical Note 9 Appendix IV

Technical Note 9 Appendix V

Technical Note 9 Appendix VI A D

Technical Note 9 Appendix VI E K

Technical Note 9 Appendix VI L P

Technical Note 9 Appendix VI Q Z

Technical Note 9

Technical Note 10

Technical Note 11 Annex 2 Part A

Technical Note 11 Annex 2 Part B

Technical Note 11

Technical Note 12

Technical Note 13

Supplementary Guidance

Developer Contributions Framework Outline Methodology Technical Note

Developer Contributions Framework Supplementary Guidance

Dunbar Town Centre Strategy SG

Haddington Town Centre Strategy SG

Musselburgh Town Centre Strategy SG

North Berwick Town Centre Strategy SG

Prestonpans Town Centre Strategy SG

Tranent Town Centre Strategy SG

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Countryside and Coast SPG

Cultural Heritage and the Built Environment SPG

Design Standards for New Housing Areas SPG 2020

Farm Steading Design Guidance SPG (1)

Green Network Strategy SPG

Special Landscape Area SPG Part 1

Special Landscape Area SPG Part 2

Special Landscape Area SPG Part 3


Enforcement Charter

East Lothian Council Planning Enforcement Charter 2020


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