Early learning and childcare – national induction resource - latest version: January 2023

The early learning and childcare (ELC) national induction resource has been developed to support individuals in their induction to delivering ELC – whether that is funded ELC or ELC that families purchase themselves - setting out how individuals can expect employers to support them in their new role.

Mentoring Within Your Setting

This National Induction Resource has been designed to support both you and your employer in developing the understanding described above. However, it is not the only induction support that will be available to you. Your employer should assign you a mentor – someone to whom you can turn to for advice and support within your ELC setting. This could be your manager or another experienced colleague working alongside you.

Section two of this resource sets out some reflective questions that you might like to explore, together with your mentor, over the months ahead. Each setting will also have its own induction procedures and so this list is by no means exhaustive or mandatory. This resource also provides an example of an induction checklist that could be used and adapted as a reminder of some of the practical things that you will need to know and find out about during your induction period.

Further support can be sourced from SSSC's comprehensive Guidance for Mentoring in Childhood Practice which is based on proven, research-based effective practice. It is designed to help an organisation's programme to reach its potential and in turn, help to support the continuous professional learning and development of its workforce.


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