Early learning and childcare – national induction resource - latest version: January 2023

The early learning and childcare (ELC) national induction resource has been developed to support individuals in their induction to delivering ELC – whether that is funded ELC or ELC that families purchase themselves - setting out how individuals can expect employers to support them in their new role.

Induction Planning And Tracking Checklist

Induction Planning and Tracking

Introduction to the setting

I have been shown around the premises and know my way around the building.

I have asked my manager if there is a local induction pack.

I am aware of the Fire Safety and Evacuation policy and location of fire exits.

I know where the staff room is located and where to place my belongings.

I know where the staff toilet facilities are located.

I know not to answer the door or entry system, until I am familiar with all parents/carers.

I know the procedure for answering the door to a visitor.

I know about my break entitlements.

I understand to whom I report to, and who will be duty manager on each shift.

I know who my mentor is and that I can ask them about anything I need support with.

I know the procedure for answering the phone and taking a message.

I know when my wages will be paid.

The staff roster has been explained to me.

I know where staff information is displayed.

I understand what I should wear to work.

I am aware of and understand the local policies that I must adhere to.

If I have a probationary period I know when my probation review is due to be completed.

I understand that a staff record file will be kept by the manager and I am able to see my own file at any time.

I know I will be given an appraisal at least annually.

I know the absence procedure for contacting the manger if I am unwell or unable to work.

I have received a copy of my contract of employment.

I have received a job description and I understand fully what is expected of me.

I understand that I can speak to a member of the management team, if I am unsure of anything or have any questions.

I am aware of my holiday entitlement and procedure to request time off.

I am aware that I will be regularly monitored and supervised.

I am aware that I am responsible for recording my own continuous professional learning (CPL).

I know I must register with the SSSC within 6 months of starting my role.

My Responsibilities

I have read, digested and understood Covid-19 guidelines, policies, and procedures as appropriate.

I have an awareness of key guidance including; How Good is Our ELC?; Curriculum for Excellence; and Realising the Ambition, to support my practice.

I have read the Health and Social Care Standards, my support, my life and will use these to guide my practice.

I have read the SSSC Codes of Practice and will use these to guide my practice.

I am aware of the complaints procedure and whistle blowing policy and where to find them.

I know to share any information given by a parent and how to record it.

I know what to do if I have a child protection concern.

I am aware of and understand Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC), and SHANARRI wellbeing indicators.

I know how to record and document observations.

I understand the key worker system.

I know how to keep children's records.

I know what cleaning duties are expected of me and where to record their completion.

I have reviewed the setting's risk assessments and I can complete risk assessments if required.

I know to contact the duty manager immediately if I suspect a child is unwell.

I know the correct procedure for recording an accident or incident.

I know to refer a medicine request to a duty manager or supervisor.

I know to mark the register when a child arrives and leaves with a parent/guardian.

I know I must wear protective apron and gloves when dealing with bodily fluids.

I know where stock is kept and the procedure for requesting stock.

I know play spaces both indoors and outdoors need to be continually cleaned, tidied and maintained by staff at appropriate and agreed times and understand I have a role to play in this.

I know to greet children and parents with a warm welcome and a big smile.

I will always consider my body language and how the children will perceive me.

I understand the confidentiality policy and know that a breach of this may result in a disciplinary procedure.

I know I must never smoke in clothes which come in contact with the children.

I know where to find allergy notices.

I know where to find menus.

I am aware of the social networking policy.

I am aware of the setting's policy for mobile phone use associated with working in the setting.

I know that peer observations are carried out throughout the nursery.

I understand the recycling procedures in place.

I know what to do to prevent a child from choking and how to deal with it should it happen.

I know who the first aiders are and the first aid box locations.

I know who the health and safety officer is and how to report maintenance issues.


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