Digital Scotland Service Standard

The service standard aims to make sure that services in Scotland are continually improving and that users are always the focus.

3. Design and deliver a joined-up experience

Create a service that meets users’ needs by using channels appropriately (online, phone, paper and face to face) and link to other services they might need.

Why it’s important

Users shouldn’t be excluded or have a poor experience because of the way government is structured, or because a service is only designed for digital channels.

You should start by understanding how users need to access your service and design an experience that works for them. This means you can provide a consistent experience across offline and online channels.

Putting the same value on every interaction people will have with your service means it’s less likely to fail, which is important for building trust with users.

How you do it

  • Be responsible for the whole service, not just the digital parts
    Understand how people access your service and make sure you have a plan for all parts of it
  • Make sure the online and offline experience is the same
    Use consistent design patterns, such as language and style, to help people understand where they are and what they need to do
  • Understand where improvements can be made
    Put a plan in place to make improvements to processes, systems or structures when the service goes live

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