Coronavirus (COVID-19) - dementia and COVID-19: action plan

This national action plan plan sets out how we will build on our national response to the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020 and how we will continue and expand that response in 2021 to continue to support recovery for people with dementia and their carers.

How we engaged on the plan and what people told us

Over 14 virtual events that engaged directly with 100 plus organisations or individuals -including people who live with or support people living with dementia - we sought views, experiences and responses to the draft plan. In addition, an online questionnaire was completed by 99 organisations or individuals. As part of this process, we ran engagement sessions with the National Dementia Strategy Implementation and Monitoring Group and the National Dementia in Care Homes Group. The plan has also been considered by COSLA's Health and Social Care Board. The full range of respondees is at ANNEX B. Quotes which run through this plan are drawn from this engagement process.

From people with a diagnosis, their family carers to social care and health professionals as well as those working in a variety of community settings, all welcomed the opportunity to share their experiences of the pandemic and contribute to the plan which they believe is an important tool in re-mobilising services and supports and re-building quality of life and wellbeing for people.

The consistent priorities identified for this plan were:

  • Support for carers in their own right including respite.
  • Addressing care home visiting and broader concerns about people's rights being compromised in care homes caused by what has understandably been a risk avoidance rather than risk enablement approach.
  • Accessing day services and other community supports to reduce loneliness and isolation and reconnect people to friends, peers, and wider community.
  • Expansion of access to post diagnostic support in recognition of its value following a timely diagnosis.
  • The nature and impact of digital exclusion.

We also heard about the effects of growing and exacerbated social isolation, delayed trauma from loss and isolation and undiagnosed depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. A full list of commitments in this plan is at ANNEX A.

Commitment 1: The Scottish Government will continue to engage with participants from the engagement process, to help monitor and review the implementation and impact of this plan at 6 and 12 months. A national governance group including COSLA and representatives from health and social care partnerships will be established to oversee governance and reporting on the plan.



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