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Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for people at highest risk

Advice to help people in the Covid highest risk group make informed decisions and access support services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for people at highest risk


Your local pharmacy may already send you the prescription medicines that you need. Your prescriptions should cover the same length of time as usual.

You can ask someone else to pick up your prescription from the local pharmacy for you. They can then bring this to your home.

You can also contact your hospital care team if you need to have your medicines or equipment delivered.

Medicine delivery service

The NHS in Scotland has launched a medicine delivery service for clinically vulnerable people during coronavirus.

If your pharmacy offers this service and you’re eligible, they’ll contact you. You’re eligible if your pharmacist considers you to be at high risk, if you’ve formally been asked to shield in the past, or if you’re self-isolating.

Your pharmacist can add you to their list for medicine delivery if they feel you would benefit from the service.

If you haven’t heard from your pharmacy, please contact them to check your eligibility and whether they offer the service.

Local authority help

Your local authority can also arrange a delivery for you if you do not have anyone who can do this.

You can contact your local authority directly or via the free National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000 (Monday to Friday, office hours).

Contact your local authority:

  • if your arranged prescription delivery does not turn up
  • if you would like to change the date or time of your delivery

Changing your prescription

If you need to change your prescription, contact your GP. Your GP may wish to discuss this with you, and will then send your prescription on to the pharmacy.

First published: 23 Feb 2021 Last updated: 14 Jan 2022 -