COVID-19 Education Recovery Group minutes: 22 July 2020

Minutes and papers from 22 July 2020 meeting of the COVID-19 Education Recovery Group.

Attendees and apologies


  • John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills (Chair) 
  • Councillor McCabe, Children and Young People spokesperson, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities – CoSLA (Co-Chair) 
  • Graeme Logan, Director of Learning, Scottish Government
  • Sam Anson, Deputy Director of Improvement, Attainment and Wellbeing, Scottish Government 
  • Andy Drought, Deputy Director of Workforce, Infrastructure and Reform, Scottish Government
  • Sheena Devlin, Executive Director, Perth and Kinross Council (ADES)
  • Joanna Murphy, Chair, National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS)
  • Greg Dempster, General Secretary, Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland (AHDS)
  • Elizabeth Morrison, Deputy Director, Scottish Government
  • Jim Thewliss, General Secretary, School Leaders Scotland (SLS)
  • Maree Todd, Minister for Children and Young People
  • Denise Monteith, SQA, standing in for Fiona Robertson 
  • Pauline Stephen, Director of Education, Registration and Professional Learning, standing in for Ken Muir
  • Gayle Goreman, Chief Executive and Chief Inspector, Education Scotland
  • Alison Cumming, Interim Director of Early Learning and Childcare, Scottish Government 
  • Jane O’Donnell, Head of Policy, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (CoSLA)  
  • Matthew Sweeney, Policy Manager COSLA, standing in for Eddie Follan
  • Larry Flanagan, General Secretary, Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS)
  • John Gallacher, Regional Manager (UNISON) 
  • Gillian Hamilton, Strategic Director, Education Scotland
  • Maria Walker, Strategic Director, Education Scotland
  • Frank Strang, Deputy Director, Scottish Government

Public Health Scotland

  •  Josie Murray, Consultant Epidemiologist
  • Diane Stockton, Social and System Recovery Programme Lead
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