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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's route map - what you can and cannot do

Information about easing the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's route map - what you can and cannot do
Shopping, eating and drinking out

Shopping, eating and drinking out

When will shops reopen?

All  street-access retail and outdoor markets can reopen with physical distancing, and subject to relevant guidance. The wearing of face coverings for customers in shops will become mandatory from 10 July. For staff, many will also have to wear masks when customers are in the shop unless there are other protective measures in place such as Perspex screens.

When can pubs and restaurants reopen?

Outdoor hospitality, such as pavement cafes and beer gardens, will re-open from Monday 6 July where 2 metre distancing will remain in place for now.

Physical distancing - how will retail, food and drink businesses have to adapt to enable safe environments?

General advice on physical distancing is unchanged and the recommendation is still that you remain 2 metres away from people when you meet them. As we enter Phase 3 of the route map some workplaces or settings within specific sectors could, on an exceptional basis, see the required distancing reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre, on the condition that appropriate mitigations are in place.

What will the mitigations be?

Mitigations might include improved ventilation, face coverings, provision of hand sanitising facilities, Perspex screens or dividers, plans for regulating the flow of customers and seating plans which reduce the risk of different households transmitting the infection to each other. Information for the public should make clear when they are entering a 1 metre zone. For hospitality sectors mitigation will also include the collection of names and addresses for the purposes of contact tracing.

When and how will all these exceptions come into force?

We will work with the identified sectors, including trade unions, to agree which mitigations will be required and to finalise detailed guidance. As this guidance is agreed and published for each sector, businesses will be able to choose to operate at less than 2m distancing, so long as they comply with the relevant guidance, and as long as they ensure distancing of at least 1 metre.