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Coronavirus (COVID-19): vehicle lessons

Published: 24 Aug 2020
Last updated: 16 Nov 2020 - see all updates

Guidance on the safe re-start of driving and motorcycle lessons.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): vehicle lessons


Before re-opening

Before re-opening, you should do the following:

Assess the risks to yourself, your employees, your suppliers and your customers.

  • all employers are by law required to carry out risk assessments. Given the current risk to public health from COVID-19, self-employed persons should also carry out a risk assessment.
  • we expect employees to be fully engaged in that process, including through trade union or workforce representatives. Protecting the health of employees is fundamental to establishing shared confidence around the safety of returning to places of work.
  • you must think about your work, how you interact with your customers and assess each risk you identify.
  • think about the level of interaction between you and your employees, your employees with each other and you/your employees and your customers, suppliers or clients and ensure each risk is identified and assessed.
  • your risks will be different if working in an office or outside. You must also identify risks associated with handling machinery, equipment or other items where possible contamination may occur.
  • information on how to carry out a risk assessment is on the Healthy Working Lives website. It includes a template for your risk assessment and sample assessments for different types of situations including communal areas and working in other people’s homes.
  • seek advice. For workplaces without union representation, union health and safety representatives will be available upon request to support the development of workplace risk assessments. For more information contact
  • health and safety experts and advisors from the business community are also available on a voluntary basis to support the development of workplace risk assessments at

After re-opening

Once your business is open, keep checking and reviewing.


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