Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting elective care – clinical prioritisation of imaging examinations

The framework provides a standardised national process for the clinical prioritisation of patients who have been referred for a diagnostic imaging test.

Imaging clinical prioritisation – ultrasound categories

Priority 1

  USOC Cancer pathway Urgent
Urology Testicular lump   Visible haematuria
ENT Neck lump with red flag suspicion of malignancy
Lesion biopsy
Urgent neck lump  
MSK Assessment or biopsy of lump suspicious for malignancy  

Trauma requiring urgent surgery eg finger tendon,

Aspiration for infection if not possible clinically

GI/General Targeted liver biopsy Targeted liver biopsy DVT
Gynae Ovarian/uterine mass Postmenopausal bleeding  
Vascular     Carotid Doppler for stroke


Priority 2

  Routine Surveillance
Urology Renal stones
Non visible haematuria
ENT New thyroid lumps (low index of suspicion)
Thyroid pathology follow up
MSK Chronic trauma/cuff tears in surgical candidates
Severe synovitis which will alter management
GI/General Non targeted liver biopsy
US abdo - ? gallstones
Deranged LFTs? cause
Liver US in melanoma
Gynae Bloating and normal Ca- 125
Ovarian cyst follow up
Vascular Aneurysm follow up  


Priority 3

  Non-urgent non-cancer
Urology Chronic pelvic/testicular pain
ENT Lipoma
Sebaceous cyst
Thyroglossal duct cyst
MSK Hernia
Bakers cyst
Non suspicious lumps
Nerve assessment

GB polyp surveillance

Gynae PCOS
Ovaries for infertility
Vascular Varicose vein assessment / vein aping for routine  procedures.


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