Coronavirus (COVID-19): social care worker death in service payment

Information on the social care worker death in service benefit, including who can apply and how to apply.

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How to apply

The applicant should complete parts 1 to 13 of the claim form (under supporting documents) and attach copies of the full death certificate and marriage/civil partnership certificate, or any other requested supporting documentation, where applicable.

Supporting documentation should still be scanned and emailed, where possible. We appreciate that there will be cases where a scanned document cannot be provided, so we are now accepting electronic photographs of documents (providing that they are clear and complete images of the entire document). 

The completed form and supporting documents should be returned to the deceased's employing authority for completion. They will forward the form and documentation to the Scottish Government.

What happens next

Part 14 of the claim form should be completed by the Social Care Workers employer, or beneficiary if they were self-employed, who should then, as soon as reasonably practical, pass the application to Scottish Ministers for determination by emailing the completed form along with any supporting documentation to

Please note no personal or sensitive information should be submitted to if it relates to a general query and should only be provided if specifically associated to a claim.

It is the responsibility of each organisation involved in the claim process to ensure the data they collect and retain complies with the relevant UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).



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