Coronavirus (COVID-19): social care and community based testing guidance

Guidance on coronavirus testing for the social care sector.

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Test results and recording results

LFD tests

You should continue to record your LFD test result (positive, negative and void) on the Covid Testing and Registration Portal online

This helps us understand the number of people getting the Covid-19 and the impact of it on the sector.

Please remember to enter the LOT number on the if you are using the  Orient Gene 7s. This is the 7 numbers on the packaging and not the ID number on the device. 

Self-isolation/stay at home

Guidance for staff with respiratory symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test remains in place and can be found in Annex B of DL (2022) 32 

Further Information

The NHS have published more information for Adult social care staff.

COVID testing portal

Please make sure you register your details on the portal

Once you have registered the system will remember you. This means that when you log in to record a test you only need to supply:

  • the details of the test kit
  • the time and date of the test
  • the result.

Updating your details

You can view and edit your details if you are registered for the portal.

  • you should use this if you have changed: your address
  • your working location

New locations on the portal

New locations are added frequently.  If you initially registered your location as ‘other’ you may find it is available now

Viewing your previous results

Click on "See previous results" after logging in.

Uploading multiple test results

You can now register a number of tests at once using the bulk upload page.

To do this you should download the spreadsheet on the LFT bulk upload page. 

Please make sure you are using the spreadsheet “For Uploading Lateral Flow Test Results Only”.

There are some restriction to the bulk upload process.

These are:

  • You can only upload 50 results at one time
  • You can only upload the results of people taking the test for the same reason. For example you can upload a spreadsheet for all care home staff but you would need to upload a separate result for care home visitors.
  • You cannot alter the spreadsheet in any way other than entering data in the correct fields.  If you do this, it will not work. If an error message occurs please download the spreadsheet on the LFT bulk upload page and try again.

Bulk upload and your browser

Bulk upload works best if you are using the most up-to-date version of browsers such as Edge, Chrome of Firefox

We recommend you download one of these if you are using an older version of these or a different browser altogether. 

If you’ve forgotten your password

You can change your password by  logging in then following the instructions for the automated password reset.


All information provided through the test portal is governed by a privacy policy. You can read the document by visiting Welcome - COVID Testing Portal ( and clicking on the link in the text on the front page.

Queries about the portal

If you need help using the portal, please call the helpline on 0800 008 6587



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