Coronavirus (COVID-19): social care and community based testing guidance

Guidance on coronavirus testing for the social care sector.

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Visitors and carers (with the rest of the population) do not need to undertake symptomatic testing.

Instead you are advised to follow NHS Covid sense You should not visit family and friends in a social care or healthcare setting.

Newlands Barcode Scanners

Care homes received Newlands barcode scanners in summer 2021. These remove the need to enter the number of the test kit bar code manually.

How to use the scanner

  • plug one end of the lead supplied with the device into the scanner. 
  • plug the other end of the lead into a USB port on your PC or laptop.  You should hear two beeps

If you have test kits that require the bar code to be entered:

  • move to the screen as appropriate
  • hold the scanner in front of the bar code on the kit
  • click the trigger

The scanner will beep and flash green if the barcode is read successfully.  The code should appear in the field on your PC or laptop.

These are only to be used to scan the bar code.  You still need to input the serial number and lot number when recording results.

Do not scan anything else as this could change the scanner settings.

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