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Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels

Published: 19 Jan 2021
Last updated: 24 Feb 2021 - see all updates

Find out the COVID protection level for each local area and get information on what you can and cannot do at each level.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels
About the levels and how we decide them

About the levels and how we decide them

Enter a postcode to check a local COVID protection level.

COVID protection levels (sometimes known as tiers or tier system) set out measures that can be applied nationally or locally depending on the prevalence of the virus across Scotland.

Each area has a COVID protection level. There are 5 different levels starting from 0 to 4. The lowest level is 0 and the highest level is 4.

The system will help you to understand protections that have been introduced, as well as showing how and when they may be lifted.

This system was introduced on 2 November. 

Levels will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Strategic Framework

The protection levels approach was set out in our Strategic Framework document which includes details of the support that will be available to affected businesses. 

Evidence and how we make decisions about levels

The protection levels are reviewed weekly.

See how we decided which level should apply to each area.



First published: 19 Jan 2021 Last updated: 24 Feb 2021 -