Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE Strategy and Governance Board: terms of reference

Terms of reference for the PPE Strategy and Governance Board.

Purpose of Board

The PPE Strategy and Governance Board “the Board” exists to oversee the provision of pandemic-related PPE in Scotland, ensuring the right PPE of the right quality gets to the people who need it at the right time. Specifically the Board:

  • is accountable for overseeing the delivery of the PPE Action Plan across all sectors in Scotland,
  • provides an escalation route for other PPE groups/forums of unresolved, strategic issues,
  • is accountable to Scottish Minsters to provide assurance on the supply and demand of PPE, and
  • sets and oversees implementation of long term objectives for PPE, beyond the current pandemic phase, including consideration of future pandemic planning.

Role and remit of board

The PPE Strategy and Governance Board will;

  • provide collective leadership and expertise to shape and guide the delivery of the PPE Action Plan,
  • oversee the creation and ongoing monitoring of a strategic programme Risk Register,
  • monitor the implementation of the PPE Action Plan via the Supporting Actions using regular status reports, ensuring the programme remains on track,
  • monitor the ongoing work of the PPE procurement COE via regular status reports,
  • progress niche pieces of work in support of ministerial aspirations through the creation of Ad Hoc working groups,
  • plan for the long term approaches to buying PPE that will appropriately meet its goals, including consideration of Once for Scotland approaches.

Membership and attendees

The composition of the PPE Strategy and Governance Board will be as follows:

  • Chair, Deputy Director, Health Infrastructure, Investment and PPE, Scottish Government
  • Head of PPE Unit, Scottish Government
  • Team Leader, PPE Policy and Action Plan Implementation, Scottish Government
  • Chief Executive, Scotland Excel
  • Head of Strategic Sourcing, National Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities, NHS National Services, Scotland, or nominated representative from NP
  • Head of High Value Manufacturing, Scottish Enterprise
  • Director of Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate, Scottish Government
  • Deputy Director Procurement and/or Chair of CoE
  • Deputy Director for Manufacturing and Industries, Scottish Government
  • Deputy Director of Enterprise & Innovation, Scottish Government
  • Head of Operations and Assurance Unit, Early Learning and Childcare, Scottish Government
  • Head of Community Justice Services, Directorate for Justice, Scottish Government
  • Head, Adult Social Care Pandemic Response Policy & Hospitals Inq, Scottish Government
  • PPE Policy and Action Plan Implementation Team Leader, Scottish Government
  • Head of Health Resilience, Scottish Government
  • Representative of the Chief Nursing Officer (tbc)
  • Clinical/ IPC advisor(s) (tbc)


Input from other PPE groups, specialist/technical advice and/or support will be provided to the Board by relevant colleagues as and when required, by invitation following prior agreement by the Board.

Secretariat will be provided by the PPE Policy and Action Plan Implementation Policy Team.


Deputy Director, Health Infrastructure, Investment and PPE, Scottish Government will chair the Board and can nominate a deputy in their absence.

Decision making

All decisions made by the PPE Strategy and Governance Board will be recorded in the minutes which will be published on the Scottish Government website.

In circumstances where the group is unable to reach a consensus, the Chair, as the person accountable for the delivery of the PPE Action Plan, has the casting vote and authority to make the final decision.   

Decisions are made in the full understanding that members have authority for decision making within their own operations.  Once a decision has been taken by the Board members should seek the relevant authority within their operational structures to implement these decisions. If, on doing this and having exhausted all escalation routes within their operational structure, a Board member cannot gain agreement to implement the decision this should be reported back to the Board where a decision will be made as to how to move forward. Ultimately Scottish Ministers have responsibility for provision of PPE in Scotland and therefore, are the ultimate escalation point and decision makers.


Board meetings shall take place virtually via Microsoft TEAMS, on the third Thursday of every month.  Should the need arise, the Board can, with prior agreement,  meet on a more frequent basis.

This will be reviewed in September 2021 with a view to changing the frequency to quarterly if appropriate at that time.

Any member can call an extraordinary meeting at any time should the need arise. Requests for extraordinary meetings should be made to the Chair via email copying in the Secretariat. The request should include a brief outlining the circumstance leading to the requirement for the meeting, the decision the board is being asked to make and any related papers should be provided. Should the Chair agree the need for the extraordinary meeting the Secretariat will arrange for the meeting to take place within 5 working days from the request being agreed by the Chair.

Minutes/action notes, agendas and papers

The agenda and papers for each meeting of the Board will be distributed at least two days prior to each meeting. 

All minutes and action notes will be circulated no later than seven working days after each meeting. Minutes will be drafted by the Secretariat and agreed by the Chair. 

Meeting minutes will be agreed at the following monthly meeting. This will form the first standing item on the Agenda. Once agreed minutes will be published on the Scottish Government’s website.


Following a review of the Terms of Reference of the Board in April 2021 it has been agreed by Board Members that the Board will continue to operate under this revised Terms of Reference for a further 6 months until October 2021 at which point the remit and terms of reference of the Board will be reviewed. 

Behaviours and values

Members agree to lead this work by setting a good example of collaborative working.  Specifically this will include:

  • we will be respectful towards each other.
  • we recognise that challenge can be positive and we will challenge constructively.
  • we will share information freely, respecting confidentiality.
  • we will always try to attend these meetings personally and only nominate a deputy who has the authority to act on our behalf as a core member.
  • decisions will be made whether everyone is at a Board meeting or not and we will support the decision.
  • we will commit to working together and individually within our organisational structures to realise the vision we are working towards and to implement any decisions made by the Board.
  • we will speak with one voice outside of meetings.

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