Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE Strategy and Governance Board minutes - 3 March 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 3 March 2022.

Attendees and apologies

Scottish Government

  • Alan Morrison (Chair) (AM)
  • Alison Bell (AB)
  • Moira Parker (MP)
  • Chris Bierley (CB)
  • Danny Duffy (DD)
  • Marie Frances Murray (MM)
  • Elaine Allan (EA)
  • Angus Graham (AG)
  • Julie O’Donnell (JO)
  • Emma Nycz (EN)
  • Frances Mackay (FM)
  • Barry Graham (BG)
  • Susan Curran (SC)

NHS NSS National Procurement

  • Gordon Beattie (GB)
  • Iain Main (IM)
  • Matt Thomas (MT)

Scotland Excel

  • Julie Welsh (JW)

Scottish Enterprise

  • Andy McLaughlin (AMc)


  • Anna Lamont
  • Graeme Cook
  • Nick Ford
  • Stuart Strachan
  • Anna Kynaston
  • Victoria Bruce
  • Morag Watt
  • Elaine Ross
  • Colin Cook
  • Catriona Dalrymple
  • Richard McCallum
  • Tommy Kwok

Items and actions

Introductions to the meeting

AM welcomed members to the meeting and listed those members who had sent apologies. 

Minutes from 16/12/22 and actions outstanding

Julie Welsh asked for her apologies to be recorded in the minutes of meeting on 16/12/21. AM advised actions now completed. Minutes accepted by the Board subject to the above amendment. 

PPE futures programme – workstream updates

Paper 1 - PPE futures workstream highlight reports

Future pandemic PPE supply

An update on the SLWG would be provided under agenda item 5. There had been 113 consultation responses to date. 

Scottish manufacturing

A discussion paper was to be considered under agenda item 4. No further points to highlight. 


Projects resulting from the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) had now been agreed, with NHS Tayside leading on this. Tayside would issue a press release with a supportive comment from the Business Minister. The Team were working closely with Wendy Rayner, Lead NHS Scotland Circular Economy Adviser, on projects around recycling/reuse in PPE.

Primary and social care PPE 

Progress was noted. The long term plans for primary and social care PPE after the current arrangements expire were still under development.

PPE stock 

The Board noted that NSS had provided a detailed forward buy proposal which had been agreed, to secure stock for most of the next financial year.

Third-party framework

This workstream was closed in Dec 2021.

Stakeholder engagement

Remains key, and as work progresses this workstream would support the Future Pandemic PPE Supply work.

Barry Graham advised that Business Minister, Mr McKee has asked for information on the decision making process around outsourcing the analysis of written consultations with the SG. Barry Graham is currently producing a paper on this topic.

Action: Fran MacKay to meet with Barry Graham to discuss the intention to procure consultation analysis. 

Expert advisory group

ECOG continued to meet and planned a further review of its work next month. 

Lessons learned

No issues raised. A final report and close-down report would be provided once the consultation responses had been analysed.

Alison Bell proposed that a paper on the future of the PPE Futures Programme would be presented at a special meeting of the Board to be held on 31 March. It is likely that several workstreams would be closed or merged, with Future Pandemic PPE Supply work becoming the main focus of a new programme of work. Governance arrangements would also be considered.

Action: Alison Bell to present paper to special meeting of the Board on 31 March.

Paper 2 – PPE futures risk register

Paper 3 – risk register summary – top risks and key changes

AB advised some format changes had been made to the risk register, following feedback from the Board meeting on 16/12/21. AB and the team also met with several Board members on 01/02/22 to carry out a thorough review of the log. The register would continue to be reviewed regularly. 

The Board approved the proposed review of the PPE Futures Programme, the highlight reports and the updated risk register.

Manufacturing update

(Paper 4 –PPE Scottish manufacturing discussion paper)

Chris Bierley provided a brief summary of the paper. CB advised that this workstream was now ready for closure and a close down report would be presented to the April meeting of the Board. 

Andy McLaughlin gave an update from a manufactuers’ point of view. 

Future pandemic PPE supply/SLWG update Emma Nycz

Emma Nycz advised the Board of the progress made in the initial meetings of the SLWG. The work will be split into five workstreams:

  • data and finance
  • service delivery and infrastructure
  • supply chain inbound
  • surge capacity
  • stakeholder engagement

A scope of work paper was currently in development where objectives would be fleshed out further. Matt Thomas, NSS, had produced a base financial model which would be further developed as more definite data becomes available.

Stakeholder engagement continued, and the intention was to set out and seek to realise the wider benefits of the new arrangements, such as security of supply, support for domestic manufacturing, protection from sudden large price increases during pandemic conditions and reduced Co2 emissions.

AB advised this work required clear governance and direction. Appropriate resourcing was also important, from SG and NHS NSS, as well as wider partners. Engagement arrangements with Local Government would be formalised going forward. 

Gordon Beattie asked for a brief paper to be drafted and circulated to give a top level overview of the SLWG and its workstreams.

Action: SLWG to produce a brief, high level paper on SLWG workstreams and timeline. 

Date of next meeting

31/03/22 – This meeting would focus on next steps for the PPE Futures Programme

28/04/22 – This would be the next standard Board meeting. 


The Board noted the current conflict in Ukraine and discussed implications. 


To meet with Barry Graham to advise of plan for consultation analysis.


Fran Mackay


A paper on the future of the PPE Futures Programme would be presented to the Strategy and Governance Board on 31/03/22.


Alison Bell


SLWG to produce a brief, high level paper on SLWG workstreams and timeline.


SLWG - Emma Nycz/Matt Thomas

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