Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE Strategy and Governance Board minutes - 31 March 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 31 March 2022.

Attendees and apologies

Scottish Government

  • Alan Morrison (Chair) (AM)
  • Alison Bell (AB)
  • Moira Parker (MP)
  • Chris Bierley (CB)
  • Elaine Allan (EA)
  • Angus Graham (AG)
  • Julie O’Donnell (JO)
  • Emma Nycz (EN)
  • Graeme Cook (GC)
  • Ruth Paterson (RP)
  • Elaine Ross (ER)
  • Stuart Strachan (SS)
  • Gavin McLellan (GM)

NHS NSS National Procurement

  • Gordon Beattie (GB)
  • Paul Hornby (PH)

Scotland Excel

  • Julie Welsh (JW)

Scottish Enterprise

  • Andy McLaughlin (AMc)

ECOG representative

  • Dr Anna Lamont (AL)


  • Melanie Lowe
  • Pat Wynne
  • Nick Ford
  • Richard McCallum
  • Marie Frances Murray
  • Dermot Rhatigan
  • Catriona Dalrymple
  • Mike Healy
  • Victoria Bruce
  • Tommy Kwok

Items and actions

Introductions to the meeting

Alan Morrison welcomed members to the meeting and listed those members who had sent apologies. 

Minutes from 03/03/22 and actions outstanding

All actions from the meeting on 03/03/22 were completed. Minutes were approved by the Board. 

Future of PPE Futures Programme and Strategy and Governance Board

(Paper 1 - PPE Futures Programme - Future of the Programme and Board)

Alison Bell provided an overview of Paper 1 – Future of the Programme and Board, and outlined the three key recommendations set out within the Paper to the Board:

1. To close PPE Futures Programme

2. Establish a Future Supply Implementation Project. 

3. Close the Board at next meeting. 

Further documentation in relation to the Future Pandemic PPE Implementation Project and future governance arrangements would be circulated prior to the next meeting. 

Issues around continuing to receive clinical input were discussed. Anna Lamont provided a status update on PPE advisory groups, some of which had recently closed, and advised that ECOG would probably meet on a business by exception basis in the future, with the ability to stand up as required. 

It was also noted that Manufacturing and Business colleagues would be keen to remain informed on future developments, as would Mr McKee, Minister for Trade, Investment and Public Finance. 


PPE Unit to continue to keep the Minister for Trade, Investment and Public Finance up to date on relevant developments.

It was confirmed that Primary and Social Care policy on PPE in the next phase would be, in the main, handled by lead policy colleagues. Stakeholder engagement would be maintained through contacts in these areas. 

How the proposed changes would fit in to pandemic preparedness and four nations work was raised. Moira Parker confirmed that guidance would be drafted as part of the implementation work, to set out lines of communication. This could possibly be added as an addendum to Business Continuity Plans. 

Alison Bell provided a further overview of the Paper 1 annexes, advising that the new Board will comprise a small senior group with financial and/ or resourcing powers, with workstream teams working collaboratively with colleagues from across the public sector and input from ECOG, SCOP and others as required.

The SLWG would transition into a Project Team, reporting to SRO and the Board. It was agreed that clinical input should remain available and that a stakeholder reference group would be useful.

The following documentation would be provided in advance of the next meeting:

  • governance paper
  • close-down reports for programme workstreams
  • project brief
  • scope of Work Paper including ToR
  • risk register
  • benefits realisation paper
  • gantt chart/work plan
  • stakeholder engagement strategy


PPE Unit to circulate the papers listed above prior to the next meeting. 

The board agreed all three recommendations.

Date of next meeting



No issues raised. 


PPE Unit to continue to keep the Minister for Trade, Investment and Public Finance up to date on relevant developments.


PPE Unit


Suite of papers relating to Future Pandemic PPE Implementation Project to be circulated ahead of next meeting.


PPE Unit

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