Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE Strategy and Governance Board minutes: 1 October 2020

Minutes from the meeting of the board on 1 October 2020.

Attendees and apologies

Attendees :

  • Caroline Jack (CJ) (Chair)
  • Julie Welsh (JW)
  • Graeme Cook (GC)
  • Colin MacBean (CM)
  • Alpana Mair (AM)
  • Alison Bell (AB)
  • Chris Dunne (CD)
  • Cat Dalrymple (CD)
  • Jim Wilson (JW)
  • Jayne Sledmore (JS) (Secretariat)


  • Fiona Bennett (FB)
  • Richard McCallum (RM)
  • Nick Ford (NF)
  • Dermot Rhatigan (DR)
  • David Leven (DL)
  • Gordon Beattie (GB)

Items and actions

Welcome and introductions

CJ opened the meeting and welcomed the attendees. 

Minutes from 17 September 2020 and actions outstanding

JS gave an overview of the actions from the previous meeting. 

AB suggested and it was agreed that the implications of Brexit on PPE supply should be added to the next agenda.

Action 12.1 – JS to add Brexit to the next agenda.

No comments were received therefore the minutes were agreed.

PPE Action Plan – Papers 1 & Annex A

AB thanked board members for their input to date and gave an overview of the PPE Action Plan and its Annex (detailed actions).  In the previous fortnight these papers had undergone significant changes to merge sections and provide a more holistic view of procurement and manufacturing.  They have been circulated to various other groups, SG Directorates and external organisations who have a remit for PPE, specifically: Centres of Procurement Expertise; SPoCs Strategic Group; Primary Care Group; Justice COVID Sub-Group; National Clinical Group; COSLA and the Scottish Trades Unions Congress (STUC).  There were still comments due from some of these groups which will be incorporated prior to publication.

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care had commented on a version of the Plan earlier this week and had asked for more information to be included on Primary Care and face coverings.

Our intention is to publish on-line only, on Thursday 8th October 2020 to coincide with information to be released on Winter Planning.

All board members gave feedback on the strategy and the following points were noted –

  • It would be important to be clear about what the objectives of the plan were, and how this document would be used to measure actions;
  • It would be helpful to have information on the disposal of PPE and the environmental factors that would affect this;
  • The document makes reference to the SG Framework for PPE, but wording needs to be considered as there is no National PPE Framework.  APUC are tendering currently and Scotland Excel in the near future for sector specific PPE Frameworks;
  • The plan would benefit from references to value for money and costs relating to the purchase of PPE throughout the COVID pandemic;
  • How PPE is defined within the document could be refined.  PPE can mean various things to different groups, i.e. within a local authority steel toe cap boots are classed as PPE;
  • Consideration should be given to a Q&A document to accompany the publication of the plan.

Annex A will be the focus of how this strategy is implemented and progress measured. 

Action 12.2 – Board members to provide comment on Annex A prior to COP on 8th October 2020. 

Following discussion about the document AB asked if board members would be content to endorse the paper if all comments were incorporated prior to publishing.  No objections were received and this was agreed.


AM will be leaving the PPE Division to return to her host Directorate next week.  CJ thanked AM for her hard work throughout her time in the PPE Division. 

CD asked if there was a terms of reference for this board.  JS confirmed that there was.

Action 12.3 – JS to circulate the TOR to all board members.

The next board will take place on 15 October 2020 at 1615.

Meeting closed.


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