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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: staying safe and protecting others

Rules on staying safe and protecting others to help suppress coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: staying safe and protecting others
Getting around

Getting around

Travelling around Scotland

We want people to be safe. We are not advising that people who have already booked holiday accommodation in October need to cancel. See guidance on tourism.

More generally, please think about whether you need to travel, especially if you live in or would be travelling to, or through, the Central Belt. The Scottish Government is asking people within the Central Belt areas (see end note for definition) to think carefully about whether they need to travel outside their local health board area and, where that is necessary, to plan to do so safely.

Working from home is expected of all those who can. Non-essential offices should remain closed. Public transport use should be minimised as much as possible – such as for education and work - where it cannot be done from home.

Active travel (walking, cycling) is encouraged to leave safe space on public transport for those who have no alternative. 

But you should:

  • avoid public transport unless it is absolutely necessary – for example for going to school or to work, if home working is not an option
  • if you live in the five health board areas under local measures, you are advised not to travel outside the health board area you live in, unless you need to
  • not travel to the five health board areas under local measures unless you need to
  • use shops, services such as hairdressers, and leisure activities in your local area as much as possible
  • walk, wheel and cycle when you can to save space on public transport for those who need it
  • work from home if you can

Guidance on how and when to travel within Scotland including by various transport modes is available on the Transport Scotland website. Car sharing should only happen where there is no alternative, and you should follow the appropriate guidance.  

From 24 August, driving lessons can resume. Specific guidance can be found at: Coronavirus (COVID-19): vehicle lessons.

Travelling between Scotland and the rest of the UK and abroad

Check local guidance before travelling to others parts of the UK, and if possible avoid travelling to areas with restrictions in place. See local advice and measures.

See guidance on international travel.



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