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Coronavirus (COVID-19): sport and leisure facilities

Guidance for the opening of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities with physical distancing and hygiene measures.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): sport and leisure facilities


Providers and operators of the following facility types may reopen if they are ready to do so and can do so safely, following public health guidance:


  • sports courts (including MUGA’s), pitches and athletics facilities


  • sports halls and gymnasiums
  • courts, tracks and pitches
  • gyms and exercise areas
  • dance and fitness studios
  • indoor bowling halls

Indoor and outdoor

  • swimming and diving pools
  • hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools, whirlpools and spa pools
  • ice rinks
  • velodromes
  • equestrian yards and arenas
  • wheeled facilities (skate parks, BMX parks)
  • golf/driving ranges
  • boxing/martial arts/combat facilities
  • gymnastics and trampoline halls
  • climbing facilities
  • saunas and steam rooms
  • other sporting facilities including but not limited to, target sports, snowsport and water sports facilities

Outdoor sporting events or activities

Outdoor sporting events or activities involving more than 30 people should not take place at this time unless following Scottish Governing Body of sport guidance or directly approved by Scottish Government.

For activities regarding school aged children, this guidance should be read in conjunction with the relevant SGB safeguarding guidelines and any other relevant guidance provided by the Education Scotland. This guidance does not supersede any guidance provided by Education Scotland.

Page last updated: 4 September 2020

First published: 30 Oct 2020 Last updated: 12 May 2021 -