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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance on adult social care building-based day services

Published: 16 Nov 2020
Last updated: 16 Nov 2020 - see all updates

Guidance is designed to support safe re-opening and delivery of building-based day services for adults.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance on adult social care building-based day services
Service capacity

Service capacity

Considering capacity

Ongoing physical distancing requirements must be followed between supported people, which means that support will look different and many services will be unable to operate at full capacity.

Due to the variety and range of settings used to accommodate adult day services, individual services must identify and set out the capacity for their setting. This should be considered through the risk assessment for the service, taking account the full range of factors including, but not limited to, the size and layout of the setting, the clinical vulnerability of those attending the setting, the staffing profile and the capacity to maintain physical distancing. If there are particular concerns or difficulties e.g. large proportions of highly vulnerable individuals, then the local Health Protection team can be contacted for advice. Services are not bound to the current Scottish Government guidance for the general public in relation to maximum numbers of households that can meet indoors.

Managing reduced capacity

People attending day centres should be considered through prioritising supported people and their unpaid carers who are most in need of support at this time, taking into consideration the level of risk for each individual. Supported people and their unpaid carers must be fully involved in these conversations and decision-making.

For those who are unable to access support immediately, alternative provision must be considered and discussed. For example, grants through the voluntary-sector Short Breaks Fund or, for those eligible for social care support, flexible use of their package to meet agreed outcomes, moving to a different Self-directed Support Option.

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