Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult social care building-based day services - guidance

Guidance is designed to support safe re-opening and delivery of building-based day services for adults.

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This page contains a summary of guidance applicable to regulated building-based day services for adults (it does not apply to day services for children which are covered separately).

Adult day services provide supported people with opportunities to participate in a wide range of stimulating and enjoyable activities in a safe, social setting.

This may also support unpaid carers to have a break from their caring responsibilities and support the health and wellbeing of both the unpaid carer and person using the service. The approach and form of support will vary according to the needs of the supported person and the carer. 

Nothing in this guidance affects or supersedes the legal obligations of services with regard to health and safety, occupiers’ liability and public health advice. Services must continue to adhere to all such duties when implementing this guidance.

Summary of guidance

  • building-based day services should return to pre-pandemic capacity wherever possible, while operating safely in line with COVID-19 guidance
  • service users should follow 'Covid sense' where possible when accessing services
  • there is no longer a legal requirement for physical distancing or face covering wearing in public settings, however mask face coverings remains recommended in indoor public places and on public transport where it can be tolerated, as it minimises the risk of transmission of respiratory infections (including COVID-19) to others
  • service users do not need to test prior to accessing services, however if they have respiratory symptoms they should follow stay at home guidance and are therefore advised not to attend the service to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses to other service users
  • building-based day service staff are considered to be social care staff and as such they should follow the following guidance when at work, including:
  • staff can now car share and service users do not need to physically distance when on transport together but should wear face coverings in line with guidance for the general population. Service users do not need to physically distance from each other when attending the service
  • testing by LFD twice weekly. Please see COVID-19 social care and community based testing guidance for details
  • if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive follow guidance for self-isolation
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