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Coronavirus (COVID-19): working from home

Statutory guidance to support the continuation of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): working from home


This guidance aims to support employers and employees, as well as the self-employed to continue to facilitate working from home.

This guide is for any sector or role where working from home is possible.

This guide aims to support employers to plan for a gradual return to offices when the country moves beyond Level 0, you can read more at Coronavirus (COVID-19) return to offices guidance.

Where it is possible and appropriate for a worker to perform their work from home, employers should continue to support this, to help suppress the spread of COVID-19.

The pandemic has changed the way we live and work. This guidance could therefore also be used as a tool to support a shift in employer policies towards higher levels of working from home in a post-COVID landscape.

We recognise the economic and social benefits of people being able to meet and work together in offices and in urban centres, but also recognise the importance of home working as a means of reducing transmission and the wider benefits from home working that have been demonstrated during the pandemic.

Introducing flexible and agile working policies that balance the needs of employers and workers has been found to increase loyalty, motivation and business productivity, as workers experience an improved work-life balance.

It is for individual business and other organisations to work with trade union or workforce representatives to determine how best to apply the guidance in their circumstances.

You may wish to use the checklist provided to guide you in working through the various considerations for your organisation.

Development of guidance

We have worked with employers, trade unions and key stakeholders, including the Fair Work Convention, to ensure that this guidance is evidence-based, fair and ethical, clear and realistic.

Our strategic intent remains to suppress the virus to the lowest possible level and keep it there, while we strive to return to a more normal life for as many people as possible.

The guidance is informed by relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, including health and safety, Coronavirus Regulations and existing employment rights.

This document is provided as guidance only and does not amount to legal advice. Employers may wish to seek their own advice to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. 

If you can suggest ways we can improve the guidance please email including “Guidance on working from home” in the subject line.

First published: 19 Jan 2021 Last updated: 14 Jul 2021 -