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Coronavirus (COVID-19): getting tested in Scotland

Guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test, how to get tested and the different types of test available.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): getting tested in Scotland
Test results

Test results

Getting test results

Results are sent by text and should be with you within 48 hours. Results are issued to whoever booked the test.  Guidance on tests for children is available on the booking system.

Negative tests and returning to work

Even if  you have had a negative result, it’s important to still apply caution. If everyone with symptoms who was tested in their household receive a negative result, the employee can return to work if their work cannot be done from home, providing they are well enough, and have not had a fever for 48 hours.

If, after returning to work, they develop symptoms they should follow the NHS Inform guidance and self-isolate. Employees should discuss their return to work with their employing organisation.

Test results and staying safe

The test will confirm if a person - who is showing symptoms of the virus - actually has it.

It will not confirm whether they have had it and have now recovered.

It is vital those who test negative continue to follow guidance including precautions related to social distancing and handwashing. A negative result is only for a point in time – if after a negative result you or your household member continues to feel unwell please refer to NHS Inform guidance.

What happens to the test results

Results under the UK testing programme  are communicated to individuals directly by text message and are intended to be fed back into public health records in due course.


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