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Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer businesses and workplaces

Guidance for businesses and workplaces - including laboratories and research facilities - on reducing the risk of COVID-19 and supporting staff and customers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer businesses and workplaces
Travel and transport

Travel and transport

This guidance covers all workplace/business related travel - for example, driving a van or work vehicle as part of your job or during your working day. Transport Scotland has provided guidance on car and vehicle sharing.

Work related travel

The advice is to avoid unnecessary work-related travel with an emphasis on keeping people safe when they do need to travel between locations. Employers and employees should:

  • minimise non-essential travel – consider remote options first
  • minimise the number of people travelling together in any one vehicle where possible
  • use fixed travel partners where possible
  • ensure good ventilation to increase the volume of outside air entering vehicles (such as by opening windows)  and make full use of ventilation system settings enabling fresh/ external recirculation
  • keep a reasonable distance between passengers where possible
  • ensure drivers and passengers maintain good hand and respiratory hygiene
  • clean shared vehicles between shifts or on handover
  • wear a face covering
  • it is possible that selecting larger vehicles and implementing a reduced passenger count, may assist in enabling these mitigations

Read our guidance on vehicle lessons, including driving and motorcycle lessons.

International travel

We have retained some border controls to help protect against the risk of importing new strains of the virus from abroad. Please check travel advice before travelling. For up-to-date information, please see further advice and guidance on international travel and managed isolation



First published: 6 Aug 2021 Last updated: 15 Oct 2021 -