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Coronavirus (COVID-19): general guidance for safer workplaces

Guidance on safer working during the coronavirus pandemic for businesses and organisations not covered by sectoral guidance, for example general offices.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): general guidance for safer workplaces
Door-to-door services, home deliveries and collections

Door-to-door services, home deliveries and collections

Door-to-door marketing or similar activities such as charity collections should be avoided in Level 4 areas where possible. However, if they cannot be carried out remotely using online or telephone marketing or sales, door-to-door callers should remain at least 1 metre from the doorway and wear a face covering at all times.

People undertaking such activities should follow the levels guidance on work in other people's homes. Unless it is necessary for personal safety reasons to be accompanied, no more than one person should enter any communal areas.

Residents may also wish to consider wearing a face covering when having a doorstep conversation.

Delivery drivers, postal workers, couriers and other similar workers or volunteers should adhere to physical distancing and hygiene requirements when picking up and delivering orders, post or other goods or services to and from residential properties. As an additional measure we recommend that, unless exemptions apply, face coverings are worn in communal, indoor residential areas such as blocks of flats and other multiple occupancy spaces where physical distancing can be difficult to maintain (for example, in stairwells), on entering and until exiting the building.

Residents should keep a safe distance from those providing such services and maintain good hygiene measures.

Deliveries should be contactless – where possible, delivery workers should knock on the door, leave the package on the doorstep and step back to a distance of 1metre.

This advice should be read in conjunction with the physical distancing, face covering and self-isolation guidance.



First published: 8 Mar 2021 Last updated: 19 Jul 2021 -