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Coronavirus (COVID-19): events sector guidance

Guide for the events sector on safe re-opening during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): events sector guidance
How to use this guidance

How to use this guidance

The remainder of this guidance sets out our minimum expectations across key areas event organisers will need to consider as part of their planning for a restart of events, while minimising the transmission of the virus:

This guidance should be read in conjunction with our business and physical distancing guidance which still applies.

This guidance sets out our expectations on what businesses of all sizes and sub-sectors need to consider as part of their planning for restart. It emphasises in particular the importance of undertaking a robust and ongoing risk-based assessment with full input from trade union or workforce representatives, and to keep all risk mitigation measures under regular review so that events continue to feel, and be, safe.

A single point of contact has been established for trade union or workforce to help us understand how all COVID-19 workplace guidance is being implemented, and to help shape and refine that guidance based on the real experience of workers in the workplace. The mailbox can be contacted by email:

This contact is not intended to be a reporting mechanism for potential breaches of legislation. This is covered under the compliance section.

There is often a long lead in and planning time required to stage an event. The guidance has been published now to give event organisers and their workforce the time they need to plan and prepare.


We have developed a checklist to support event organisers to implement this guidance, with input from the events sector, which is available to download alongside this guidance. The checklist reflects the minimum expectations outlined in the sectoral guidance document.

Businesses who wish to increase workforce or public confidence are encouraged to display the checklist to help to communicate actions being implemented or undertaken.

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