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Coronavirus (COVID-19): events sector guidance

Guide for the events sector on safe re-opening during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): events sector guidance
Deliveries, distribution and visitors

Deliveries, distribution and visitors

Information about protecting your workforce and those who come on-site.

As a minimum we expect event organisers:

  • to provide early clarity to their supply chain about honouring of contracts
  • to treat all site visitors including contractors, suppliers and those making deliveries, as if they were employees, ensuring they are offered the same protections and are expected to follow the same rules

Early supplier engagement

The global nature of COVID-19 means it may have impacted on both current demand for some goods manufactured in Scotland and on normal supply chain relationships. Early engagement with suppliers and their sub-contractors is recommended to understand how well placed suppliers will be to provide inputs at the level required to meet a company's expected demand as they restart work, including confirming that they can operate within your requirements. This should include considering any additional logistical issues associated with the current functioning of international supply networks.

During the COVID‑19 pandemic minimising pressures on supply chains is paramount to ensure that suppliers at risk are better able to cope with the current crisis and ensure service continuity and delivery during and after the outbreak. Event organisers are encouraged to work with suppliers to understand the specific pressures they face and identify potential solutions on a case-by-case basis, including providing early clarity on the treatment of existing contracts.

Venue or site visitors 

Many venues or sites, especially larger ones, may normally have several contractors and visitors not employed by the event organiser running the venue / site. This presents increased risk of virus transmission if people do not adhere to the same interpretation of rules. To address this risk event organisers should consider limiting venue / site access to those who need to be there for safe operation, ensuring safe working practices and production related activities and implementing a permit to work system for contractors and external visitors who still need to access the site. This would set out requirements for how everyone behaves on a site including entering and leaving the site, clarifying responsibilities for all around maintaining good hygiene and physical distancing.

Where an event is taking place outdoors the event organiser should work closely with the land owner, in the way they would the company running an indoor venue. Outdoor events will wish to take into account public access and whether it is appropriate to apply to the local authority for an Order under section 11 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 to control access.

Consider a cleansing process for certain deliveries and mail handling.

First published: 3 Dec 2020 Last updated: 18 Jun 2021 -