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Coronavirus (COVID-19): early learning and childcare services

Non-statutory guidance to support the continued safe operation of ELC settings.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): early learning and childcare services
Evacuation procedures/sharing premises

Evacuation procedures/sharing premises

Evacuation procedures

If the layout of facilities is changed, and/or circulation routes or entry/exit points are altered, consideration should be given to evacuation procedures (e.g. in the event of a fire or other incident).

Muster points should also be considered to ensure appropriate physical distancing arrangements are maintained between individuals/groups as far as practically possible. During these times it may be that children are upset or need reassurance from staff, and this should be given by staff comforting children.

Evacuation arrangements must be included as part of the risk assessment for the setting.

Evacuation arrangements for children with complex needs or disabilities should be reviewed in light of any changes.

Sharing premises

Some providers operate from school or other community premises. Where services have their own entrance, exit and general facilities including toilets and kitchen facilities they should follow this guidance.

Where services share these facilities, they should consider the following:

  • engage in early discussion with the head teacher of the school, or the manager of the premises to agree use
  • consider potential implications of other services’ operating model
  • maintaining physical distance with other users
  • make arrangements for the use of outdoor spaces

First published: 11 Aug 2021 Last updated: 13 Jan 2022 -