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Coronavirus (COVID-19): cultural performances and events guidance

Last updated: 21 Jan 2022 - see all updates
Published: 18 Aug 2021

Guidance for the cultural performances and events sector.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): cultural performances and events guidance
Long-term recovery

Long-term recovery

This document, along with the various COVID-specific guidance on our website, should provide comprehensive advice to cultural venues and events.

We understand how deeply the sector has been affected by the pandemic, and are aware that it will be some time before the sector will be able to reach pre-pandemic levels of activity. We will continue to revise this guidance to ensure it remains relevant to the sector.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis we have worked closely with the sector to understand the challenges facing it, to help develop solutions and to provide financial support, as well as looking forward to how the sector can rebuild when the crisis begins to ease. We have done this in various ways, including through the National Partnership for Culture, by engaging with Regularly Funded Organisations through Creative Scotland and through ongoing direct engagement with the sector as a whole and with specific sub-sectors. This has allowed us to build productive relationships with parts of the sector that previously had no particular reason to engage with the Scottish Government, especially commercial parts of the sector.

We will continue to work with the whole sector to understand the immediate challenges it faces, recognising that different parts of the sector will be affected in different ways. We will build on new relationships and existing relationships to help ensure the entire sector – both organisations and individual practitioners - can contribute to our thinking on what the culture sector will look like in the future.

While we want to see the sector recover to a strong and vibrant place, we recognise that it cannot return to how it was before the pandemic. Instead, we will work with the sector to respond to the immediate issues it still faces and to consider how to build a resilient future for the sector. This will be a long-term process and we will share our thinking on how we will do this in due course.

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