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Coronavirus (COVID-19): construction sector guidance

Guidance on construction sites and associated works that can continue under specific conditions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): construction sector guidance


This guidance is for the construction sector. It came into effect on 6 April 2020 and extends until further notice. Companies should consider their operations in light of this guidance.

Business and physical distancing

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the Scottish Government’s  business and social distancing guidanceIt provides further guidance for the construction sector to help businesses determine what constitutes ‘essential’ work that may be able to continue. No non-essential work should continue at this time

As laid out in the business and social distancing guidance, essential services are defined in relation to the 13 Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sectors. The 13 CNI sectors collectively provide the essential services on which daily life depends and each sector has critical interdependencies with the others.

The 13 designated CNI sectors are: energy; communications (Telecommunications, Public Broadcast, Postal Services, Internet), government, transport, finance, civil nuclear, defence, chemicals, space, health, food, water and waste, and emergency services.

The Scottish Government has high expectations of how fair work principles should be applied during the current crisis and have issued a joint statement with the STUC which should be taken into account when applying this guidance.

This document contains further guidance on construction sites and associated works that can continue under specific conditions.

There has been an unprecedented package of support announced from both the Scottish and UK Governments to support businesses.

This support should help many employers preserve their business, maintain jobs and pay their workers throughout this crisis. Information on this support is available through We urge all businesses to make use of this.  

In the event of temporary construction site closures all available support measures must be utilised to protect the jobs and incomes of construction workers.