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Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for the community learning and development sector

Guidance to help local authorities, third sector organisations and partners working in Scotland’s schools, colleges and communities to provide community learning and development (CLD) services safely.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for the community learning and development sector


As an essential part of the education system in Scotland, travel to and from CLD activity is permitted to take place in line with practice activity.

Organisations providing CLD activity are asked to limit travel as far as possible while providing services.

At protection Levels 3 and 4, learning should be delivered online or via detached services and only the most vulnerable learners and staff or volunteers providing these services are permitted to travel. Organisations should develop a four harms assessment when deciding whether travel has to take place as part of the learning activity.

In planning for CLD staff, volunteers and service users to travel to and from CLD activity, employers and service providers should communicate information from the transport transition plan on how to stay safe whilst using public transport.

All face to face engagement between CLD staff, volunteers and learners which requires international travel must plan for compliance with border control guidance for residents or visitors travelling to the UK or any other appropriate guidance or advice.



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First published: 31 Jul 2020 Last updated: 6 Apr 2021 -