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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Covid certification scheme - information for customers

Guidance on how the Covid certification (or Covid passport) scheme works, who is exempt, and what you need to do if you are going to a venue or event.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Covid certification scheme - information for customers
Scheme aims

Certification aims

Certification is a targeted and proportionate way to reduce the risk of Covid transmission in certain high risk premises and events which may otherwise have to close.

The scheme aims to:

  • reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus, by ensuring that specified public spaces where transmission risks are higher are used only by those who are fully vaccinated, including a booster or have tested negative in the previous 24 hours
  • reduce the risk of serious illness and death thereby alleviating current and future pressure on the NHS, by reducing transmission in higher risk settings. Vaccination reduces (but does not entirely eliminate ) the risk of being infected, the risk of serious illness and death if infected, and the risk of infecting others
  • reduce the risk of settings specified in the scheme being required to operate under more restrictive protections, or to close, by ensuring that the risk of transmission in these settings is reduced, reducing overall cases of Covid
  • increase the protection enjoyed by those using settings covered by the scheme and their contacts, by incentivising those using the settings to get vaccinated and to test regularly and self-isolate if positive

First published: 30 Sep 2021 Last updated: 14 Jan 2022 -