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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business Ventilation Fund

Last updated: 22 Nov 2021 - see all updates
Published: 16 Nov 2021

Guidance on who is eligible, what can be claimed and how to apply.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business Ventilation Fund
Fund management

Fund management

The Business Ventilation Fund is a Scottish Government fund administered by local authorities. Businesses are invited to undertake a self-assessment of the ventilation within their premises to identify if any improvements could be made and what costs may be claimed back through this fund.

Any personal information about individuals gathered through the process will be held in confidence, in keeping with data protection policy and practice. Information provided in connection with an application will not be passed on without consent. 

This grant funding will be made available through powers conferred by Section 1A of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978. 

Given responsibilities to managing public funds, the Scottish Government and local authorities are required to ensure that procedures for administering the grant are suitably robust, including due diligence to mitigate fraud and for audit purposes. As such, the full process for applying to the fund is set out within this document. 

Where evidence of fraud or misuse of the fund is identified, this will be recorded and may be taken into account in future applications. Where appropriate, the applicant will be made aware this is the case and be given the opportunity to explain. 

Local authorities will seek recovery of overpayments, including pressing criminal charges where necessary, where claims are found to be fraudulent.

Non domestic rate payers are eligible for a one-off grant regardless of any arrears. Local authorities have some discretion to withhold grant awards in very exceptional circumstances where the business has significant outstanding arrears, which have been subject to a court decision. 

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