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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business Contingency Fund

Published: 27 Oct 2020
Last updated: 17 Nov 2020 - see all updates

Eligibility and how to apply for the Contingency Fund supporting nightclubs and soft play businesses required to close.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business Contingency Fund

To be eligible for this support during Phase 1 you must meet the following common and sectoral criteria.

The primary requirement is that your business must have been closed since March 2020, by law: so any “play” premises that re-opened for play frame activities at any time would be ineligible. All other sectors are ineligible.

In addition:

  • your business must have been fit to trade on 1st March 2020, and not insolvent as at 1st October 2020 or have had directors disqualified under Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986
  • your business premises must be registered for Non-Domestic rates. Businesses that pay rates through their landlords rather than directly to a Council are eligible to apply (evidence to be provided through copy of lease agreement)
  • if your business operates multiple premises you are eligible for grants for each one, with second and subsequent locations eligible for 75% of the standard rates set out above. You must pursue only one claim for all locations, working with the local authority in which your business is headquartered
  • you must have a business bank account
  • you must provide details of all prior support of any kind provided by local government, the Scottish Government or the UK Government, and this must fall below the cap for EU State Aid Rules.
  • businesses which have breached wider COVID regulations/requirements prior to local restrictions are not eligible to apply
  • businesses with connections to tax havens, as set out in the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act 2020, are not eligible
  • Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Trusts and Partnerships are eligible provided they meet the other criteria. ALEOs are not eligible. Sex entertainment venues are not eligible

Additional eligibility criteria for soft play centres:

  • you must have separate 'pay to play' charges (for clarity, this grant is not available to businesses that have a courtesy soft play area for customers i.e. car showroom, restaurant, airport, dentists waiting area, or is free to use as part of a larger entity etc)
  • if your 'pay to play' Soft Play is within a multiple use unit, and use is not separately defined in the valuation roll, the 'pay to play' soft Play's Rateable Value will be determined on the percentage of floor space it occupies including a pro-rata percentage of any attached café/retail area

Additional eligibility criteria for the nightclub sector:

  • where you have received (or will receive) funding of equivalent or greater value from the Culture Organisations and Venues Fund (COVF) from Creative Scotland you will not be eligible for funding except for insofar as a top-up payment may be made if the COVF award is less than the award otherwise payable through this Discretionary Fund

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