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Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for unpaid carers

Published: 17 Aug 2020
Last updated: 14 Dec 2020 - see all updates

Guidance for those who provide unpaid care to friends or family.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for unpaid carers
Young carers

Young carers

The Young Scot young carer package provides a range of tailored leisure and learning opportunities for all young carers aged 11-18 and is accessed through the Young Scot card.

Unfortunately, at this time Young Scot cannot issue new or replacement cards. However if you already have a Young Scot card you can sign up for the Young Carer package on their website.

Young Scot is continually reviewing the opportunities in the young carers package with particular focus given to the inclusion of activities which can be carried out whilst physical distancing or self-isolating

Young Scot has also been working closely with us to ensure they are providing the most up to date information for young people on COVID-19  and the school closures.

Young carers who are eligible for the young carer grant can still apply, and like other benefits for carers, some rules have been relaxed. Find out more about the young carer grant at

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