Coronavirus (COVID-19): unpaid carers providing personal care

Using PPE to help prevent the spread of the virus for people who visit or live with a friend/family and provide help with washing or dressing.

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Personal protective equipment (PPE)

If you believe you are eligible for PPE based on the advice provided on the previous pages and you cannot access it through your normal routes, please contact your local carers centre and they will advise you on how to access supplies locally.

list of local carers centres and young carer services can be found on the Care Information Scotland site. 

If your local carers centre is unavailable, you can call the Social Care PPE Support Centre on 0300 303 3020 and they can provide you with information.

This advice is provided to ensure that you are minimising the risk of spreading the virus when providing personal care.  You may choose or have to wear a face covering at other times, for example, when shopping or travelling on public transport. This is in line with general government advice. Read more information on the situations in which you must wear a facial covering and what constitutes a facial covering.

Physical distancing, hand washing and respiratory hygiene, are the most important and effective measures we can all adopt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore the wearing of face coverings must not be used as an alternative to any of these other precautions.

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